Bridge to the islet of Školjić

St Nicholas' Fortress is one of the most important Venetian fortifications outside of Venice as well as one of the most beautiful fortresses in the Adriatic. At the time it was built the fortress was completely surrounded by the sea but people eventually made a gravel path that connected the islet of Školjić to the islet of Ljuljevac, where the fortress is located. Improvised paths and embankments were constantly destroyed by currents and tides and due to inadequate construction, the embankments used to impede the flow of water, thus threatening natural processes in the nearby coves. Through the Tourism Valorization of the St Anthony's Channel in Šibenik – 1st Phase, a project funded by the EU, a wooden bridge was constructed, which will let the sea flow under it while providing easy access to the islet of Školjić from the mainland.

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