St Nicholas' Fortress

UNESCO's Pearl within a protected natural area of St Anthony's Channel

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Boat Departures

The boat to St Nicholas’ Fortress leaves and arrives at the Šibenik waterfront, at a berth called Krka, near the junction of Obala hrvatske mornarice and Obala Dr Franje Tuđmana.

Sales point and Info Centre is across the street, Obala Dr Franje Tuđmana 4, 22 000 Šibenik

The itinerary is predetermined and you can find it below.

IMPORTANT: During the epidemic of COVID-19 disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, visitors are required to wear protective masks and adhere to anti-epidemic measures during the organized visit.

If possible, we also recommend using your own headphones for mobile devices when using multimedia guides.

Boat Departures

Significant landscape ''Channel-Port '' in Šibenik and the buffer zone of St Nicholas' Fortress

Together, the Šibenik Bay and the St Anthony's Channel form the significant landscape ''Channel-Port'' in Šibenik, which stretches from the Šibenik Bridge all the way to the exit from the St Anthony's Channel. Within the protected natural area that is the significant lanscape ''Channel-Port'' in Šibenik , there is the buffer zone of St Nicholas' Fortress, a monument under the protection of UNESCO.

The channel is a natural phenomenon admired for its pristine beauty. It was named after Saint Anthony the Abbot and is the only natural sea-way to Šibenik.

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