General conditions

Ticket distribution and payment

The distribution and payment of tickets through the  WEBSHOP are carried out by the company 

PLAY DIGITAL d.o.o.,  OIB: 53367690460
Zagrebačka 6 A, Pazin


Print@home is a service of printing out tickets purchased through the Webshop. The Invoice and the tickets will be sent to the registered email address of the User. Upon completion of the purchase, the User is required to print out the purchased Print@home ticket and bring it with him/her on arrival. It is the User's responsibility to print out and use the Print@home ticket.
Each Print@home ticket purchased through the Website becomes valid once the purchase has been completed, i.e. when the receipt has been sent.
Taking a printout of the print@home ticket at the point of sale is not possible. Tickets may not be copied, distributed, transferred, published or modified.


If users are unable to print their tickets, they can use the barcode displayed on their smartpone as the purchase confirmation.
Cancellation of purchased tickets 
All orders and purchase of tickets through  the WEBSHOP are binding and final, and cannot be cancelled or amended. 
If the Print@Home ticket is not used, it is not possible to return it and claim a refund

Personal data protection (GDPR)

PLAY DIGITAL d.o.o. respects the privacy of its users and commits to carefully process and protect the personal data collected during  the registration and purchase through the webshop, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations.
Questions and complaints
All questions and complaints in connection with the purchase and payment of tickets through the WEBSHOP can be:
•  sent to the email address:

Code of Conduct 

THE FOLLOWING ACTIVITIES ARE NOT ALLOWED:  tying up a boat to the mooring that belongs to the fortress, swimming in the sea around the fortress, jumping off the fortress into the sea,  climbing and causing damage to the fortress,  recording it for commercial purposes without authorization, leaning over the walls and taking photos while standing at the edge of the fortress walls, smoking, making a fire, dropping litter, bringing pets and contaminating the environment (land and sea).

General information

St Nicholas' Fortress can be visited only by boat organized by the Public Institution Nature of the Šibenik-Knin County. The boat departs from the port of Šibenik following a predetermined itinerary. A visit to the fortress lasts 2 hours and includes a boat trip from the port of Šibenik to the fortress with the assistance of tour escorts while aboard the boat and with multimedia guides while visiting the fortress. Experience a unique panoramic view of the city of Šibenik from the sea, a boat trip through the buffer zone of  St Nicholas' Fortress as part of the significant landscape  ''Channel-Port" of Šibenik, abundant with the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean, an area where the Krka River flows into the sea, with some cultural and historical monuments being hidden among the cliffs of the channel  At the end of the trip through the channel, discover why St Nicholas' Fortress represents a unique portion of the world's cultural heritage under the umbrella of UNESCO.

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